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All our instructors have many years of experience in both the class room and the EMS field. Our goal it so educate you so you are prepared to respond to an emergency with confidence. We have worked with all levels of education.


Training are conducted in Wilmington, Delaware on a monthly basis.

If you have a small or large group, we will come your location.

Who should take advantage of the training offered?

Whether you are a new parent learning CPR for your infant, or the corporate safety director ensuring OSHA compliance.  Beacon Safety has the program for you.  Our courses are designed to be fun, enjoyable, and taught to an educational level everyone can understand.

CPR Training

When you take CPR training with Beacon Safety, you are in for a totally new experience.   Beacon’s approach to CPR is unique.  We believe that learning these life saving skills should not be a traumatic experience.   Our professional instructions make the classes fun and relaxed allowing students to walk away prepared to handle many different emergencies.  Beacon Safety provides individual mainkins for use during training.   These manikins provide many advantages.

  1. Cleanliness–you are the only student to use the manikin during the class.   Not sharing your manikin with other students eliminates the potential risk of disease transmission that is possible with improperly cleaned “Annies”.
  2. Increased practice time–since the   manikins do not need to be cleaned during class, students have much more time for practicing the life saving skills they come to learn.   You don’t learn CPR by watching the instructor clean the manikin for the next student.   You learn by repetitive practice.
  3. Reduced stress–all students learn and practice the skills together.   This reduces the stress of performing the skills in front of a group

For information or to schedule a training call Beacon Safety at (302) 428-6073 or 877-678-8600.   You may also request information by contacting Beacon Safety at