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Programs Offered:



Professional CPR:   Provides effective treatment skills for breathing and cardiac emergencies, including masks (e.g. bag-valve) and two rescuer CPR. This program is a must for all medical services professionals, health care providers and athletic trainers.   Certification is valid for two years.

Adult Child Infant CPR and AED:   Teaches basic life support skills to address breathing and cardiac emergencies in all adults, children and infants.   Certification is valid for two years.

First Aid Programs

Basic First Aid:     Includes information on breathing emergencies and caring for bleeding, injuries, and sudden illnesses, including prevention of disease transmission.   Certification is valid for two years.

Pediatric First Aid:   Includes detailed explanations of first aid for injuries and illnesses commonly seen in early childhood years.   This program is designed specifically for child-care providers, parents, and teachers.   Certification is valid for two years.

For additional information or to schedule one of the training’s above, please call Beacon Safety at (302) 428-6073 or 877-678-8600.   To reach Beacon Safety by e-mail: