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Personal Protection Products (Pepper Gel and Spray)

Protecting in the workplace

Stopping an intruder in a work place, child care or any public location requires immediate action. Being prepared to respond with the ability to disable an intruder or active shooter is best accomplished with the use of Sabre Red Pepper Gel.


Home Defense Pepper Gel $49.95                  Tactical Series   $19.95                 Home and Away Protection Kit $24.95

25 foot (8 Meters) stream                 18 foot (5 meters) stream        Combination package for Home and personal carry

Personal Protection Units

Personal Protection Units range in spray distance and spray patterns.


Pepper Gel with practice unit $21.95         ” The Jogger” a hand held unit $14.95           Pink Camo Pepper Spray $19.95

Personal Spray and Drink Test Kit


Pepper Spray with Drink Tests $19.95               Drink Test Kit $9.95


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