Programs Offered:

Emergency Preparedness

Everyday, we hear of something happening locally and nationally. How will your staff respond if there is an active shooter in the workplace? What if they had an incident of workplace violence? Do they understand how to shelter-in place?

Beacon Safety has developed a new one day program will prepare your staff for unexpected situations. This modular program will educate your employees on: evacuations, shelter-in-place, workplace violence, active shooter situations, threats of terrorism, and communications before and after an incident.

To find out more, contact Drew Hurst at 302-428-6073 or

Emergency Planning

Do you have written plans in place if a disaster would strike your business?

Where would you relocate if your business was flooded or if fire strikes?

What if your primary supplier would suffer a catastrophic situation, who would provide your needs?

Who is authorized to shut down your business due to an emergency?

Beacon Safety will work with you on developing a detailed written emergency plan. Call us to find out more details!




Professional CPR:   Provides effective treatment skills for breathing and cardiac emergencies, including masks (e.g. bag-valve) and two rescuer CPR. This program is a must for all medical services professionals, health care providers and athletic trainers.   Certification is valid for two years.

Adult Child Infant CPR:   Teaches basic life support skills to address breathing and cardiac emergencies in all adults, children and infants.   Certification is valid for two years.

Pediatric CPR:   Teaches basic life support techniques for rescue breathing.   CPR and choking emergencies for infants and children.   This program is designed specifically for child care providers, parents and teachers.   Certification is valid for two years.

First Aid Programs

Basic First Aid:     Includes information on breathing emergencies and caring for bleeding, injuries, and sudden illnesses, including prevention of disease transmission.   Certification is valid for two years.

Pediatric First Aid:   Includes detailed explanations of first aid for injuries and illnesses commonly seen in early childhood years.   This program is designed specifically for child-care providers, parents, and teachers.   Certification is valid for two years.

Automated External Defibrillation:   Offers efficient training, testing, and retesting in the use of AED’s.   Certification is valid for two years.

Bloodborne Pathogens: Includes essential information on such disease transmissions as tuberculosis, HIV, and Hepatitis B virus, exposure control precautions, prevention and more. Meets OSHA training requirements.

For additional information or to schedule one of the training’s above, please call Beacon Safety at (302) 428-6073 or 877-678-8600.   To reach Beacon Safety by e-mail: